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We serve the traditional Karate-Do and the modern sports karate without mixing both.

The IJKA (International Japan Karate Association 国 际日本 武术 空手道 会) is a multi-style association.
Our member nations retain their independence and work independently from each other. There is no mixing in international groups and associations.

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Asai Shihan

Kumamoto Castle

The IJKA World Association Tokyo was founded on the 2nd of February 2014 by some of the world´s most respected martial arts experts – people with a great history and karate associations of all different countries.

The IJKA World Association Tokyo is liberal, independent and free. It is all about the alliance and not about cultivating a single person or guide who prescribes an ideology with which all Karatekas can identify. Every nation, style, group, association and country has its own faith with their favoured Sensei. This space is not touched by the World Association.

We are an active movement without ownership and pseudonym. We avoid the alienation of the karate community by people who act out of personal interests and fight trench wars and do defamations.

Germany took over the chairmanship at the founding assembly of the IJKA Word Association Tokyo on the 23rd of February 2014 in Kumamoto Tokyo, Japan 熊本県. This happened with a clear majority of the present delegates from the existing alliance of the nations: Japan, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Germany, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Algeria,UAE, Iran, Morocco. The Chairman of Moscow was the first to express his congratulations on the election. The office is represented by Germany for 4 years now. The Karate World Association which oversees both the traditional and the modern sports karate covers over 30 nations and 45 national associations. The common website is www.ijka-world.com.

The IJKA World Association Tokyo offers a new way for karate to bring together all clubs, societies and associations of the respective member country under one superordinated banner. In this way the IJKA World Association Tokyo hopes to contribute to the development of friendly and closer relations among its national member associations in the world of karate and sports.

The IJKA World Association Tokyo will accept several associations and societies and individual memberships from one country to ensure that all Karateka from their country will have access. the IJKA World Association Tokyo has member associations that get more and more every day.

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