Individual Membership Application

Application for an individual membership.

You can also download and print out this application form and fax or mail it to us.


This is my reference person

Additionally to the membership I like to purchase the following services and products:
 IJKA Diploma or Dan Homologation
 Original handmade Japanese Calligraphy (+ € 95)

 Yes, i want to apply for individual membership in the IJKA World Tokyo.
 Yes, i will follow the rules of IJKA World Tokyo.

After the successful transfer of your data, please click on the button "Buy Now" in your confirmation e-mail and pay with your Paypal account.
Please indicate your name in the transfer.

The annual fee for an individual membership is 150,00 Euro per year. As a member you can apply for a Dan Homologation. And you have acess to special items and exclusive news.


For members:

English IJKA Diploma

neu_IJKA Diploma Dan Homologation engl


If you like you get an

International IJKA World Pass

for the buying price of € 20



If you like you get

yout diploma as an original handmade Japanese Calligraphy

for the buying price of € 95


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